About Mi Casa

Doing more with less, applying ground-breaking ideas and embodying the spirit of simplicity and frugality defines Mi Casa, a modern furniture production and progressive business unit. Our company is all about creating useable art for living spaces, transforming radical ideas and bringing forth modern aesthetics into new shape, color and size.

We take pride in our unique handcrafted pieces of furniture, which express the importance, simplicity, functionality and excellence of traditional Indian crafts and show the best combination of modern designs and traditional look. We never compromise on quality craftsmanship as it is this factor, which we believe gives great joy to customers. With our collection that is regularly updated with time, we please our large clientele and make them experience comfort in innovation and high end design that is clearly visible in our stylish furniture range. Keeping up with progressing needs of customers and changing times, we are creating unique styles and designer range of furniture that complements modern lifestyle and redefine the way of living.

In India there are a large number of famous, noteworthy and reliable furniture brands and we are amongst the most prominent names because we care extra for our customers by making their house, feel nothing short of a comfortable home. We are heavily investing in right people who contribute in exceptional hard carving, making superb designs and giving attention to detail while making Armchairs, Stools, Coffee Tables, Beds, Sideboards and lots more. Our designers combine the best artisanal technique with contemporary aesthetics to bring out the best of collection. All the experts manage all operations, starting with wood sourcing to furniture designing and order shipping with integrity and guarantee company’s commitment of what we promise, we do it on time with complete care, is fulfilled excellently.